The Power of Viral Marketing

Over the last couple of weeks we have further developed & improved the BMVwarehouse website with the aim of making it integrate effectively and easily with social media / networking sites.

The site now integrates very easily with the main social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, where  with one click of your mouse button you can upload details of one of our property listings or blog pages direct to your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Gooogle+ account.  We’ve not directly secured a buyer through this yet, but we have had enquiries as a result and have no doubt attracted new subscribers to our mailing list.

We are also now providing a link on all deal email broadcasts that enables the reader to go directly to the page on our website where the property deal is displayed, allowing the reader to view more details in a very well presented format and perhaps share the listing with the readers own social network.

The viral marketing capability we’ve introduced above is part of our overall marketing strategy to aggressively grow our database of investor buyers.

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