Private Finance & JV Opportunities

Private Finance & JV Opportunities

If you have cash reserves available and you would like us to notify you of opportunities to earn healthy returns on your capital by providing private finance and or entering into joint ventures please register your details using the form below.

Over the last 12 months we have brokered several million pounds of private finance and JV deals, providing our investor clients with very healthy returns on their capital. We have an established panel of solicitors that are experienced at drawing up the loan agreements, charges and deeds and they will always make sure that the private lender is fully briefed on the strength of security offered with each deal. Note that the borrowing client will always pay the legal costs of drawing up the loan agreements, the entry and exit costs of registering the legal charges and our brokerage fee.

Please note that roviding private commercial funding of this nature can yield extremely good returns for the private investor, but it has to be understood that this a medium to high risk investing activity that is totally unregulated other than the law society rules that the solicitors have to follow in terms of advising you and carrying out their duties.

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