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"Hi Jon, I would like to thank you very much for your efforts to secure this deal for us,
more than a deal really our dream home should I say :). Your professionalism and determination throughout has made this process a pleasure and both myself and my wife look forward to working with you again soon once we are settled in over at our new home. I would also like to extend our thanks to your background team who I know have also played a key part in making this possible. Kind Regards, Glyn"

-- Glyn, Yorkshire

"Thank you all very much for your help - we exchanged and completed yesterday! You were really friendly, efficient and professional. You made the whole experience stress free. Thank You"

-- Ruth, Property seller needing a quick sale , Derbyshire

"I Just wanted to say thank you for getting me started with building my own property portfolio. I have received the keys today! I have found your service very straight forward and you are very easy to work with (compared to some of the sales pitches I've heard from other similar companies) and I can confidently say we will definitely be doing business again in the future. I am going to get this property onto the rental market as soon as possible then I will give you a call to discuss next moves. Thanks again. Speak soon"

-- Rundeep, Midlands based Investor

"Hi Jon, Just thought I would give you an update. After picking up the keys I was most impressed, It's a fantastic size, and not what you think from the outside. We have decorated the two rooms that needed doing this weekend, and other than a carpet in one of the bedrooms, that is it for the refurb. I've had it advertised for five days with my local agent, had one couple view this weekend who love it, and want to move in for the 20th of December. Result !..Just like to say thanks, and when can I have the next one ! "

-- Andy, East Midlands based Investor

"Hi Andy, Just wanted to send you quick email regarding the property purchase I made from BMVwarehouse. I was very impressed with Jon and how he helped us get to completion. There were many issues along the way (aren't there always with properties?!) and he calmly and good naturedly got the deal - and the vendors and solicitors - sorted and got results. It was a pleasure working with him and I will easily buy more deals through BMVwarehouse. "

-- Matthew, London Investor

"I have been following BMVwarehouse's broadcasted deals for some time now but always seem to not be quick enough to secure the deal!  However, I managed to react quickest for a semi detached house in Birmingham which completed about a month ago.  I have tried buying off several other property sourcing companies, but am yet to complete any deals with them. I found that BMVwarehouse have a very slick process and I will be keeping an eye on my new blackberry for more deals...."

-- David, Midlands Investor

"I am no longer buying property but I have been using BMVwarehouse as my sales function over recent months.  They have quickly sold my properties and have been very efficient in moving the deals to completion.  I am very pleased with the efficiency and service I have received to date."

-- Andy, Telford Property Trader

"I have had major issues with property companies in the past holding my reservation fees and not delivering any level of service whatsoever.  So, I tested BMVwarehouse a few months ago with a local deal to me in Neath.  It completed in four weeks and I was pleasantly surprised with all elements of their service, thanks guys!"

-- David, Welsh Investor

"I source deals and also buy when the right property comes up.  I know how competitive BMVwarehouse's deals are and so I am always quick to email requesting reservation of the property.  I don't always get there first but I have bought a few through BMVwarehouse now.  I recently picked up a great deal in Eccleshall which completed very quickly and is now cash flowing very well!  Thanks for the deals - I am ready for more now! I also now use BMVwarehouse to sell deals that I have sourced that don't work for me.  They have proved that they can find investors and get deals done quickly which means I get paid quickly - exactly what I am looking for...."

-- Oliver, Midlands based Investor & Trader

"I bought my best deal to date through BMVwarehouse. After a light refurbishment, the property is now let to a couple who plan to be there many years, it's cash flowing at just over £200 per month. BMVwarehouse managed the whole process really efficiently, so there was minimal work required by myself to complete. I thoroughly recommend BMVwarehouse for genuine deals, they provide a first class service and I personally wouldn't use any other company. "

-- Donna, Midlands based Investor

"Hi Andy, ....I would like to say that you guys are by far the best and most professional property company I work with. Thanks again. Kind regards, Matthew"

-- Matthew, Yorkshire based Investor

"I have purchased four of my five buy to let properties via BMVwarehouse and am due to complete on another shortly. I have always found BMVwarehouse to be totally transparent, upfront and happy to help and explain absolutely everything. The team are friendly, personable, take time to know their customer's and are happy to give advice where they can. I have had dealings with numerous other sourcing companies all claiming to do the same, but have found none as good (and honest) as the BMVwarehouse team. When deals fall through they have refunded my reservation fees without quibble. I sadly have personal experience that not many sourcing companies out there do that! In my experience BMVwarehouse are a trustworthy, professional company doing a good job in an honest fashion. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

-- Tracey, Kent based investor

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